Social Media Analytics. Benchmark and trend reports give essential insight to creators.

Social media content creation is constantly changing, and case studies and research on success in the field are continually being performed. The question is, which data do we have to pay attention to, and what data will contribute to success on social media? Here are the ten social media statistics and data that all content creators, whether influencers, small businesses, or UGC creators, should pay attention to and utilize to optimize their content to grow, monetize, and be successful on social media.

AI has revolutionized content creation, enabling faster production, editing, and distribution across multiple platforms. While AI is a boon for marketers, Hootsuite’s Social Trends Report 2024 reveals a significant insight. Despite its benefits, 62% of consumers are less likely to engage with content if they know it was created by AI. This underscores the importance of maintaining a human touch in content creation. As we continue with more statistics, you will see how brands look for more authenticity. What does this mean for creators? Granted, there are content pieces that it is almost impossible to tell if Ai created them or if they are original. The question is, will a creator take the chance? AI is an excellent tool for research and can help brainstorm ideas for content, but if AI is being used as the sole and primary form of content creation, your community is not interested.

Social media content with a relatable quality is more likely to gain a loyal following than … [+] inspirational content.

Content creators sometimes lose focus on the objective of social media and get caught up in self-promotion. According to Morning Consult Pro’s 2023 “How Brands Can Succeed at Influencer Marketing Report,” social shoppers are 54% more likely to purchase a product from a creator with a relatable personality promoting a product as opposed to shoppers who said they were 39% more likely to buy a product from a creator with an aspirational personality. This statistic should be strongly considered by new creators who are discouraged from making content because it is not aesthetic to a perfectionist’s level – your content will perform better if you are relatable.

We track so many KPIs to gauge the success of our content, and although views and reach may seem like a beautiful glow of success, DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations) want to hear your community. CrowdRiff’s 2024 Trends Report: Marketing and Predictions for DMOs Report states that 67% of destination marketers are focused on social media engagement metrics as 2024 KPIs. Engagement is vast in destination marketing because, unlike a product, consumers may not immediately purchase it and almost always have more questions or comments regarding travel. As a DMO- you want the questions and comments to provide consumers with the information to put your destination in their plans. Creators need to grab audiences and entice them to learn more.

Posting times are always up for debate, and the goal is to post at the best time for audiences to see your content and engage. Emplifi’s 2024 Social Media Benchmark Report shows that Friday is ultimately the best day to post on Instagram and TikTok, and more than 50% of the average impressions for both platforms come in the afternoon. Getting your content to your audience and finding the perfect time to boost engagement is essential; research-based data showing when to post does the hard part for you. Keeping track of your analytics and seeing your content trends is also crucial.

There are numerous social media platforms available to create content, but the goal is to find out where all of our consumers and social buyers are. E-marketer released “5 Charts That Explain the New Era for Social Media,” which shows that although Facebook and Instagram still have the most users in the US, TikTok has the highest number of minutes per day for US adults spending on the app. There is a good chance that if you are looking for your community, even if there are more on Instagram, they spend more time on TikTok.

2024 is the year of influencer marketing and the year of utilizing social media to promote goods and services. Check out “IAB Releases First-of-Its-Kind Research Report on the Creator Economy Advertising Opportunity.” It states that “44% of advertisers plan to increase their investment in creator content in 2024, with an average increase of 25%.”

Although Facebook and Instagram have the highest number of users on the platform, Emplifi’s 2024 Social Media Benchmarks Report showed that even though Meta released the new app – Threads, the incredibly high politics that surround X (Twitter) and the rumors of it going downhill – X held strong with 335.7 active monthly users, and isn’t going anywhere. Why is this important? The app has held firm against Meta – the fiercest and most potent social media software in the world (in my opinion), and X has its loyal users. Don’t we want to find some loyal members to join our community? X is the app to see them.

Having success on social media is all about doing the research and finding out what consumers are looking for. As a content creator and a researcher the sources that are linked in this article are sources that have proven to me as accurate and will help navigate the chaotic yet necessary world of social media.

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