With myThursd there is that special something for you, to explore and put your creativity to work, while getting paid.

The project of the week on myThursd takes us to an interesting yet hardy flower, Alstroemeria White Swan, from the advertiser HilverdaFlorist. You have encountered amazing content and cutting-edge promotion of Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink in the past from the advertiser. Fashionista’s Pink’s promotion was strategized and actualized on myThursd and once again with your help, HilverdaFlorist will achieve their desired goal for their new project, available for pitching now!

Your creativity, passion for floral design, and working with flowers should be shared with the rest of the world! Which better way to do so than pitching and getting a chance to work on this project, while coming up with valuable content for the advertiser, log into your creative account on myThursd and start pitching.

HilverdaFlorist recently launched the fresh Alstroemeria White Swan, now being grown by several growers in the Netherlands. A bright white-colored variety with sturdy stems and an impressively long vase life. Keen to promote and position this variety effectively in the market, HilverdaFlorist would fancy an influential floral designer for this project.

Interestingly, the advertiser would like to see your creativity with this project, though a creation linking or showcasing ‘White Swan’ is needed, you are free to explore different creative options you can come up with. The deadline for pitching on this project is set for 15th May 2024, please submit your pitches before then for consideration.

From Roses, Lilies, Alstroemerias, and chrysanthemums to greenery, for a floral creative, there is a project with your favorite flower to work on. Once-in-a-lifetime novelties like the Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink can be found on myThursd. The diversity and uniqueness of every project give you the freedom as a creative to pitch and work on interesting projects.

Log on to your account on myThursd and check new projects available for pitching. In addition to this project from HilverdaFlorist, other projects from Adomex(wedding design) and BredeFleur Friend June are some of the new projects to you should pitch on.

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